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Marcel Pociot - Writing native apps with... PHP?

Discover the magic of creating desktop apps with PHP. Join CTO of Beyond Code, Marcel Pociot, as he guides us through unique ways of utilising PHP, sharing insights on Laravel packages and exciting new developments. Get ready to dive into the world of desktop app creation! 00:00 Introduction 01:11 Why PHP for desktop apps? 02:06 Meet the speaker 02:29 Introducing Native PHP 03:47 Electron app architecture 04:55 Adding PHP with Native PHP 06:06 Shipping PHP with the app 07:22 Building a desktop app 09:21 Configuring the app window 10:35 Building a screenshot tool 12:37 Adding login with Touch ID 13:20 Implementing login UI 15:14 Implementing the main app UI 16:08 Picking a window to screenshot 18:30 Opening overlay picker window 20:42 Showing highlighted window diff 21:27 Taking & showing the screenshot 23:03 Live updating the screenshot 24:50 Printing screenshots 27:05 Printing with a bluetooth cat printer 27:40 Recap & closing

November 16, 2023